Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang the Avatar

Character Name: Aang

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Personal Data

After Roku's death, the previous Avatar, the Avatar was reincarnated as an Airbender, named Aang. Because of the threat of a war, Aang learned of his Avatar status when he was only twelve years of age. Aang, terriefied by his new responsibilities and inexpereince was then seperated from his mentor Gyatso. So he fled his home on his flying bison, Appa. They were forced into an ocean by a storm, and with Aang entering the Avatar State he accidently enclosing them both in an iceberg, for one hundred years. The leader of the fire nation knowing the nature of the Avatar's reincarnation cycle, carried out genocide of the Air Nomads during the passing of a comet.


Powers/ Abilities and Friends

Powers/ Abilities


Katara is Aang's best freind while also being his Waterbending master. She is the last Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe and is one of the only two surviving waterbenders of her tribe. She is also one of the only two Waterbenders able to manipulate and control human bodies by bending the water and liquids therein, known as bloodbending.
Katara of the Southern Water Tribe
Sooka is a fifteen years of age and is a non-bender warrior of the Southern Water Tribe. With his Katara they accompany Aang on his journey to beat the Fire Lord.
Sooka of the Southern Water Tribe