Annabelle: Creation

[Anabelle Creation]



Annabelle: Creation is about a former doll maker, whos daugter dies when a car hits her. His wife and him are so sadden by the lost of their daughter that they start to worship the devil. In which puts som of their child within a doll. They relize that the dool is not their daughter bu the devil, and try to get rid of it, but it will not die. So the parents look it into a holy room to control it.Several years later the couple lets a nun and 6 orphans stay in their house, but one of the girls goes in the room and akwankes the doll, bringing all the bad things to life again.

Movie Review

I think the movie was overall a 4 out of 5. Since I enjoy scary movies I think it was good, but if a person has have not seen the first Annabelle it will mostly likely be hard to connect some of the dots. It was much more satisfying than the first Annabelle but was not the best movie I have seen.

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